Healthcare on the Blockchain

Use Cases and Implementation Guidelines for Transformative Technology

May 1-2, 2018
Washington Plaza Hotel
Washington D.C.

Take a deep dive into blockchain as subject matter experts from across the country come together to discuss innovation opportunities for the healthcare industry. Healthcare on the Blockchain features early adopters, interactive panels, and technology thought leaders who are eager to share their experiences with you.

Focused on both innovation and operations, Healthcare on the Blockchain covers topics relating to scalability, interoperability, performance, and security. This conference also takes a critical look at challenges related to the resource requirements of blockchain, the organizational requirements of a successful program, and reasonable expectations for the healthcare profession.

Key topics will include

Expert opinions from all sides on the challenges and opportunities of blockchain in healthcare
Identifying opportunities for blockchain within your organization
Managing sensitive data on the blockchain: Protecting privacy and security in the age of big data and ransomware

Identity management systems: New realities in on-boarding and claims processing
Automating claims processing and payments with smart contracts
Managing medical records on the blockchain for cost-savings and error reduction

Using blockchain to reduce fraud at the pharmacy
Blockchain and the Internet of Things
Blockchain and machine learning: Harnessing the power of big data analytics with AI-powered blockchain

Benefits of Attending

Designed for both newcomers and blockchain veterans
Listen to a special Executive Roundtable focusing on the rewards and challenges of blockchain
Identify opportunities for blockchain within your organization
Discover how data is interconnected through the Internet of Things
Determine how to use blockchain to reduce fraud and diversion at the pharmacy
Real-world use cases from current initiatives
Network with other technology innovators who are early blockchain adopters


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