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Model Portfolios

A Deep Dive into the Model Portfolio Opportunity

February 20-21, 2020
AMA Conference Center | NYC

Dive Deep

Focus solely on model portfolios for two days, diving into all aspects of growing, partnering, researching, scaling, and customizing.

Learn about standing out

Hear from leading Model Portfolio providers about what they require from their managers. What gives managers the stand-out factor to get noticed and grow their business?

Hear from providers

Hear how providers are customizing and personalizing their clients’ model portfolio offerings and take a peek at the next wave of model portfolios.

Mix and mingle

Join all the movers and shakers in the model portfolio business. Rub elbows with your peers, make connections, meet your next business partner at this must-attend model portfolio event.

Key topics will include

  • Model Portfolios from the Providers’ Perspective: Asset Manager Criteria, Expectations, and Results
  • A Comprehensive Look at the Manager & Investment Due Diligence Process
  • Model Portfolio Asset Allocation: Product Selection, Mitigating Risk, and Adequate Diversification Without Sacrificing Performance
  • Blackrock Case Study: Providing Clients with the “Surround Sound” Experience: Delivering Optimal Client Service in a Fiercely Competitive Environment
  • A Four-Part Product Analysis on ESGs, ETFs, Alts, and Non-U.S. Equity Strategies
  • The Road to Personalization and Customization for the Masses: Is it Achievable? How?

Organizations That Attend

Thoughts From Previous Attendees

"Great group of panelists. All were thoughtful and very forthcoming. Helped me see some larger trends as well as some tactical ideas to help me focus my sales process."

Brad H. with Nationwide Financial

"High quality presenters and audience members."

Barry M. with CMC

"Great meeting. Absolutely great to meet with and hear from our peers who are ahead of us product development-wise and some who aren't quite as far. This conference was all I hoped for and more. As a firm that is relatively new to the model space I had so many "aha" moments and picked up so many great ideas and info. The networking was really beneficial also!"

Katie B. with John Hancock Investment Management

"Good education on TAMPs/model options."

Lisa C. with Gotham Asset Management

“Content was specific to my job and provided important detail for my role. Best conference I’ve ever attended.”

Jeff D. with DWS


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