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ETF Regulations Readiness Summit

April 28, 2020
AMA Conference Center | New York

Focus on ETF Regulations for one full day

Experience a conference with a sole focus on the ETF Rule, Active Non-Transparent ETFs, and other regulations dramatically affecting the industry. Make sure you’re meeting this year’s deadlines and staying compliant.

Meet and learn from the right people

Hear from leading Compliance Officers and other ETF regulatory experts about their plans to create new policies and procedures for custom baskets, websites, derivative rule proposal, non-transparent ETFs, and so much more! Rub elbows with your peers, make connections, and find out how your competitors are coping.

Key topics will include

  • Imminent ETF Rule Considerations: Scope, Timeline, Conditions, and Board Perspective
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Written & Comprehensive Custom Basket Policies and Procedures
  • Coping with Scrambling to Meet Technology & Website Amendments
  • Active Non-Transparent ETFs: How Will You Stay Competitive with the Next Generation of ETFs
  • A CCO Roundtable: Meeting the Challenges and Sharing the Daily Victories of Todays CCOs
  • Examining the Ins & Outs of the Derivate Rule Proposal: Offering Leveraged & Inversed Products

Organizations That Attend

Thoughts From Your Peers

"High quality presenters and audience members."

Barry M., CMC

"Great group of panelists. All were thoughtful and very forthcoming. Helped me see some larger trends as well as some tactical ideas to help me focus my sales process."

Brad H., Nationwide Financial

“Great variety of topics and very impressive speakers."

Mike F., T. Rowe Price

"Great meeting. Absolutely great to meet with and hear from our peers who are ahead of us product development-wise and some who aren't quite as far. This conference was all I hoped for and more. As a firm that is relatively new to the model space I had so many "aha" moments and picked up so many great ideas and info. The networking was really beneficial also!"

Katie B., John Hancock Investment Management

"Good education on TAMPs/model options."

Lisa C., Gotham Asset Management

"Comprehensive -- touched on all aspects I was seeking to hear."

Tom M., Hartford
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