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The Risk Adjustment Peer-to-Peer Exchange

November 16-18, 2020 | Virtual Conference


Ciox Health supports more than 140 health plans in the US with a comprehensive Chart Retrieval and Risk Adjustment Solution. Leveraging 40+ years of experience and unparalleled reach and scale, Ciox offers a full range of digital and manual retrieval methods to ensure that we generate unparalleled results.

Partnering with Ciox allows health plans of all sizes to unlock the maximum value of every chart retrieval request. Ciox is uniquely positioned to deliver the clinical data needs of health plans through a proprietary cross-enterprise platform including:

Chart Retrieval & Data Acquisition – Ciox’s multi-channel HITRUST-certified chart retrieval and data acquisition service delivers faster access to data, higher yield, reduced provider abrasion and an enhanced customer experience informed by deep provider knowledge to address enterprise-wide data needs. Health plans utilize Ciox for medical record retrieval and data acquisition services including:

Risk Adjustment – Medicare/Medicaid/ACA HEDIS
Support Services – Attestation Recovery, Prospective Assessment Forms (PAF) Distribution/Collection, Mailroom/Intake
Smart Chart™– A best-in-class solution enabling organizations to convert unstructured medical record data into searchable PDFs and indexed records using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies.

Represented by:

Dave Yohe

CDAI Marketing

Improving healthcare outcomes requires access to the right data at the right time. Apixio is advancing value-based care with data-driven intelligence and analytics. Our AI solutions for risk, quality, and clinical insights unlock actionable information from administrative data and unstructured clinical information. The results drive better clinical decision-making and a smarter approach to healthcare.

Represented by:

Mark Hellewell

Vice President, Provider Markets

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