Creative Operations Exchange

September 23-25, 2020 | Virtual Conference

Be a part of the COEx community

and recharge your day-to-day

Network with industry peers, people who completely understand your work and struggles, and learn from the successes of others. We know that this is one of the most important facets of a COEx conference, so we are making sure our virtual event platform will give you plenty of chances to connect.

About COEx

Two Tracks

Back by popular demand: Fresh topics catered to senior project managers!

Last fall we introduced a new offering, a dedicated track addressing the specific challenges of creative project management. We’ll be bringing it back in 2020 with updated content for senior project managers and beyond. Our other track will continue the conversation in advanced creative operations with udpates that will include C-suite leaders and their perspective on creative ops. Take advantage of the learning options and bring more team members— heck, your whole department!

See The Agenda

Virtual in 2020

As meeting in-person is not feasible in our current cultural reality, we are excited to launch a virtual Creative Operations Exchange. We are eager to connect you with insights from Creative Ops industry leaders, even if it’s from behind a computer screen. We are working hard to provide the same information-rich sessions that you have come to expect from COEx, along with plenty of opportunities for connecting with your peers.

Key topics will include

Creative Operations Track:
  • A conversation among creative ops leaders’ most important stakeholders—find out what a CMO, CFO, COO, and Executive Creative Director expect of you and your department and how you can strengthen those relationships and your team’s effectiveness
  • Charge-back Model—Determining if a full or partial model is best for your department and lessons learned to ensure a seamless implementation. Plus! How to get buy-in to make the switch.
  • Learn how experts build a business case for new tools, demonstrate cost/benefit of new technologies, and future-proof operations while improving efficiency.
Creative Project Management Track:
  • The pros and cons of different approaches to project management—agile, waterfall, scrum, Kanban, lean, and more—and finding which works best for your team
  • Elevate your role—how to move from being reactive to proactive and discover how this will improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness while helping to advance your career
  • Bringing personality to project management and developing the soft skills to increase your effectiveness

Brands That Attend

Thoughts From Previous COEx Events

"Agenda was well thought out and I really struggled which track I wanted to spend time in as there was great content in both! Great networking opportunity for me and reinforcement that my team is on the right track."

Sheryl Gillette with Scoppechio

"The extensive focus on culture, clarity, relationships, and need to engrain feedback offered a bunch of learnings and areas of growth for our team."

Collin Samples with Nike

"As many said, it's good knowing your company/team is experiencing the same struggles. Loved being exposed to different techniques to discuss and implement later with stakeholders."

U’nae Sterling with Home Depot

"Great insight and advice from industry peers! It was so refreshing to feel like experienced pros were speaking directly to the issues that concern me. The presentations were relevant and varied enough to spark conversations and ideas."

Emily Pfeifer with Pearson

"It was very valuable to hear from some of the industry leading brands on how they operate. The diversity in backgrounds yet similarities in issues was very comforting. We're all struggling with the same issues."

Kelly Leggoe with Uber Eats

"Great to be in a large group of professionals who "get it" and already understand the specific nuances and nature of such a unique role. Extremely validating, especially for soft skills."

Sara Johnson, Freelance Consultant


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