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About IEN

IEN’s mission is to research, design, and produce conferences that empower you with actionable insights and intelligence. Boosting your business results is our main priority.

Through in-depth research, we focus on both your problem areas and your upcoming opportunities, including a “how to get there from here” approach.

Our events are not trade shows. We design them to deliver superior networking through an intimate setting. This allows you to effectively exchange insights with peers about the very latest information and opportunities.

We focus on niche topic areas that give you valuable take-aways, helping you achieve that next breakthrough and turbo-charge your competitive game.

What can you expect from an IEN conference?

  • An intimate setting focused on improving your business
  • Top industry speakers
  • Superior face-to-face networking opportunities
  • A diverse audience of peers
  • Current topics addressing your problem areas
  • Valuable take-aways to implement immediately
  • Only select vendors, instead of a trade show feel

What our attendees say

“Great mix of topics and demonstrated expertise offering actionable tips."
Tracy W. with McGraw-Hill Education
“Very knowledgeable speakers and networking among the attendees was amazing.”
David P. with Indiana University Health
“The format allowed for more information to be shared and candid conversations about lessons learned and shared issues.”
Rob B. with NYC Emergency Management
"Great mix of interesting speakers, and panels from a diverse mix of companies and industries. The pace was quick and informative, and I learned at least 1 interesting takeaway in each session."
Ali L. with Dow Jones

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Who are we?

Lori Medlen

Lori Medlen

Insight Exchange Network is led by our founder Lori Medlen, who has over 25 years of experience in conference production and management.  After 14 years of being Founder and Owner of Financial Research Associates, Healthcare Education Associates, and the RISE Association, Lori sold the conference companies in 2015.  Shortly after, with her entrepreneurial drive ablaze, Lori founded IEN.  Now, we are “Full speed ahead!” with Lori’s drive and focus at our backs.

Lori’s favorite part about conference production is the topic development and research.  She leads our IEN Team in digging deeper and getting creative in order to put together the best conferences possible. 

The IEN home base is in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.  The creative atmosphere of our city provides a great backdrop for our work – not to mention the inspiration of the Pacific Coast.  Many from our dedicated and passionate team hail from other parts of the USA.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to get to know us better.

Meet The Team

Corinne Smart Moore

Corinne Smart Moore

Vice President, Business Development​
Gretchen Hurley

Gretchen Hurley

Vice President, Logistics​
Denise Tortora

Denise Tortora

Vice President, Strategic Marketing
Laura Garza

Laura Garza

Senior Content Director
Jen Clemence

Jen Clemence

Senior Business Development Associate
William White

Will White

Content Director
Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt

Director of Digital Marketing
Rhonda West

Rhonda West

Business Development Associate
Kathie Eberhard

Kathie Eberhard

Business Development Associate
W.A. Medlen

Alby Medlen

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